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Welcome to the translation company directory! The biggest agencies and most notable freelance translators in the industry list their services here to increase sales and visibility online.

Please feel free to browse our directory to find the best translation agencies around the world. We have separate entries for various languages and specializations, so you can quickly find the company you’re looking for.

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Did you ever search the web only to find out that information you need is located on a foreign website and written in a language you don’t understand? What do you do?
– Simply get upset and leave?
– Take a dictionary and start translating it word by word?
– Try to find “familiar” words and guess the meaning of the text?

These are all neither easy nor helpful, are they? On this website, you will find the best language service providers to address your needs.

How do I find the ideal translation partner?

First of all, clearly define your needs and find the category that is the closest to the type of services you need to get. You may be looking for a French translation company, or an agency mainly working in the field of legal translations.

Once in the category, check websites submitted by agencies. All of them were vetted carefully by our editorial team. Read the detailed description of their linguistic services and determine the business that comes closest to your idea of an ideal provider.

If unsure, try to pick up a few candidates and contact them individually for a quote. You will most likely get different translation rates, delivery times, etc. Look for a company or individual that is professional in its communications, truly committed to help you (see how personalized their message is) and willing to offer a price and deadline that fit your needs.

I’m a translation agency. What is the process to add link/add URL?

To submit your link or suggest your URL, simply browse to the most appropriate category for your languages and specializations, and click the “Create A Listing” button. You’ll be able to add your site/business there.

We ask all submitters to write a detailed and unique description of their business. We also check individually each and every entry. If there are points we need you to improve on, we’ll contact you directly.

It means you can’t add your sites immediately, but this process allows us to preserve the quality of our guide for translation buyers.

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